Choosing The Best Turbocharger for Your Car


There are literally hundreds of turbochargers types from various manufacturers available at the market. They are varies in size, price, and application purposes. Choosing the best turbocharger for your car is not easy. Having more than one options is generally good since we can choose which one that is best suited for our car. But too many options will only make us confused and unable choose the right  one. You will get more confused if you don’t know how to choose the right turbo kit.

Below is a checklist that can be used to choose the right turbo for your car. You can use complete automotive calculator to find out the right value for your calculation.

  1. Determine the primary application for the turbo. Is it going to be used for drag racing, road racing or drifting or maybe it will be just for daily use. The intended use greatly affects the turbo selection as well as the system components.
  2. Determine the targeted horse power at the flywheel. It should be within reasonable number based on your car’s engine displacement.
  3. Calculate mass air flow requirements. It has been discussed in the previous article.
  4. Air filter sizing. It is important to choose air filter according to the required air flow. A large selection of high quality air filter can be found here
  5. Calculate the required boost pressure
  6. Choosing compressor efficiency: peak power or peak torque. You should optimize your setup based on your application goal, is it to achieve maximum horse power or maximum torque.
  7. Choose the right turbine size and aspect ratio. In general, if your turbo is properly matched to your engine then an aspect ratio of around 0.60 (or 60% inlet area to turbine radius ratio) is going to be a good balance between flow and spool.
  8. Choose the right wastegate size. Wastegate size is directly related to how many CFM you need the wastegate to flow.
  9. Determine plumbing for oil suply & drain and water.
  10. Choose after cooler or intercooler that is best suited for the calculated temperature requirements.

The above steps seems to be complicated. But, using the turbocharger calculator, the selection process will be much easier. Below is the screen shots of what a turbo calculator can do.


You can choose your desired setup be it single or twin turbo

After calculations has been made, you will be taken to a page that displays available turbocharger options for your setup.



Choosing the best turbocharger for your car is easier using the correct tool, i.e. the turbocharger calculator. After you determine which components that you want to use: turbine, compressor, wastegate, and intercooler, you can find the best deal for those parts at Amazon store.